Loading a Save

Best results are achieved if you load a save in a new server with no channels or roles, this is recommended but optional

Setting up

  1. Ensure you and the bot both have administrator permissions

  2. Find your .clone file from earlier, this contains all the save information for your server

Loading the Save

  1. attach your .clone file with the message clone.load

    - Additionally you can specify nobans to stop the bot from copying user bans over. Do so by running the load command with the nobans parameter ex. clone.load nobans

  2. The bot will automatically create roles, channels, categories etc. and apply the correct settings and permissions to each

  3. Enjoy your backup server

  4. In order to load messages, use the clone.loadmessages command in the channel you wish to load messages for, you will need to attach the .clone file like in step 1 or a .messages.clone file generated from either the clone.savemessages or clone.save <messageCount> command.